For the unaware, this is inspired by the /uses page idea


Text Editor

I flip flop a lot in this area.

For quick edits, including this page, I pop out nvim although I’m not proficient enough to know many of the keyboard shortcuts.

For Python and Golang projects, nvim-lspconfig has been really interesting and is convincing me to take up neovim as my full time editor.

For larger projects, I tend to reach for Sublime Text although I haven’t gotten around to setting up any shared configuration across my devices.



Currently, I use iTerm2 with Hack Italic 12 and the Dracula colour scheme.

Everything else is stock and unconfigured.



  • Macbook Pro 15-inch 2020 as my work… workstation
  • mac Mini 2018 as my home workstation
  • Macbook Air M1 as my remote workstation

Everything except my work laptop is currently running the 2021 Beta (iOS 15, macOS Monterey etc) because I thought notification grouping and built in focus seemed like killer features I didn’t want to wait for!