The utf9k logo which is a cartoon robot utf9k


There’s no requirement on the internet to say thanks but I’d have absolutely no inspiration (or site) without the following.

In no particular order, shout outs to:

  • Commonmark for being a solid format that I don’t have to think about at all.

  • Cloudflare Design for making it easy to visualise contrasting colours, and seeing how accessible they are.

  • Fastmail for being one of the few providers that seemingly allows hassle-free, unlimited aliasing.

  • Feedbin for being a visually nice RSS reader but also for some design elements I “borrowed”. Namely the background color of the Sunset theme and the top favicon bar that appears when reading an article.

  • Hugo is the static site generator I use so without that, there wouldn’t be any site! Well, that’s not true, I’d just be using a different one but Hugo seems to be the “best” at present.

  • MDN is the only thing saving me from homelessness. I’d be hosed without this internet bible.

  • Netlify hadn’t a hiccup since the day I joined from memory and made it really easy to host this site for a long time.

  • owlspace inspired me to get back into my redesign again. It has a nice homey, handcrafted feeling to it and makes me want to improve my own site much more.