Evolve Alpha

Nov 3, 2014 // 3 minutes

While bearing in mind that this is an alpha, it contains two of the confirmed three total monsters in the release and about 2 or 3 maps so it has a decent bit of content I suppose.

Anyway, at first, I thought Evolve was just Left 4 Dead’s Versus Mode where you have players as the Special Infected trying to stop the survivors from reaching their objective but it’s not even that. It’s just, oh, these four characters are dropped into the area to hunt this monster becauseā€¦ reasons?

There ’s no backstory that I could find in the game nor was I even remotely interested in the characters. Maybe they’ll turn out decent but I just wasn’t interested in their designs which felt kind of generic. As for the monsters, I have no idea why they exist or what’s so special about them. The objective for the monster is just kill the hunters and vice versa so it ’s just basically a PvP match I suppose?

The gameplay is alright. You’ve got four hunters, each being a different class following your basic multiplayer classes :

  • Assault: Pretty straight forward, you deal a lot of damage with various weapons.
  • Support: You have a weapon not unlike the TF2 Medigun that makes the target invincible while targeted (I’m not kidding) as well as a cloak, a Minigun of sorts and an orbital strike.
  • Trapper: You can set up a dome that traps the monster and uhh, yeah.
  • Medic: What it says on the tin pretty much. You can get a Medigun and stuff.

So, yeah, I’m not really looking for a yet another class based multiplayer game myself, because, you know, this is multiplayer only, no bots or anything like that. I thought playing as the monster would be kinda neat and it sort of is once you get used to the strange controls but I didn ’t find much variation in the gameplay besides either get trapped and wrecked early on or choosing to hide and get up to Lv 3 and trash the hunters. Well, even then, you can just upgrade Charge to Lv 3 at the start and destroy everyone at Lv 1. I did that leaving just one guy alive then just went off and upgraded myself to Lv 3 then wrecked them all over again.

Oh, you also get like class upgrades not unlike Battlefield based on damage done or health healed etc and you unlock different weapons, perks and class skins I think but the Alpha ends in 6 hours so I probably won ’t unlock a lot of those.

Lastly, holy shit, those loading times. Like, seriously, I was waiting upwards of 3 minutes staring at a blank screen waiting for matches to start. At one point, after waiting for ages staring at a black screen, I was even presented with a laughably bad MS Paint style loading image for a few seconds before the game cut back to black permanently while playing sounds of animals and foliage rustling.

So yeah, Evolve is pretty boring and if I had to sum it up, it ’s Left 4 Dead’s Versus Mode repackaged by the team who worked on Left 4 Dead. I wouldn’t buy it for $10 USD let alone $60 USD and that’s before currency conversion.