Repo Birthdays

December 2017 // [ ] [ ]

I’d often visit a repository and wonder just how old it is. Stars might indicate popularity but I imagine most of the time there’s an initial burst of activity that slowly dies off as product hunters and hacker newsers fade into the either.

I was also looking for an excuse to make a browser extension and Repo Birthdays was the result. It’s pretty straight forward in that it just checks your URL to see if you’re on a Github page two levels deep ie

Instantly, you might realise that a marketing page such as would trigger this and you’re not wrong. It doesn’t matter much though since it fails pretty graceful I think.

I haven’t looked at this project since I initially released it but perhaps I’ll go back and clean it up. Until then, it still operates perfectly fine and I get use out of it every time I visit Github.

You can download it from the Chrome Store here or view the source on Github here.