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Here in Auckland, New Zealand, we’ve been in lockdown since Tuesday 17th August 2021.

Currently, we are at Alert Level 3 although we’re being phased out in 3 steps.

Admittely, this second level of tiered restrictions has added complexity that wasn’t required but it’s mainly to ease the itchiness that Aucklanders started having after being at Level 4 for about 5 weeks.

Currently we can meet one other household (at a time) outside to socialise which is an improvement over no interaction with other bubbles.

Holiday period

I’m about to start a new position as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer with Vend by Lightspeed but before then, I’ve got about 10 days in between where I’m technically unemployed.

August 19th was by birthday so I was going to take some time off but instead I spent it in Level 4 lockdown and self isolating in my bedroom while I waited for a COVID test to come back.

It might be some time before I can travel as I intended to for my birthday but ah well.