What I'm working on currently

18th February 2020 // ~1 minute long

Quarantine life

Most people are in the same boat at this point, either voluntarily or otherwise.

New Zealand instituted a 30 day self isolation period so the entire country is in doors.

Thankfully, I'm able to work remote so my day to day doesn't change very much.

I'm also not one to need much social interaction to thrive so I'm actually quite enjoying this extra time to work on various bits and pieces

This site

Given the above, I'm hoping to actually churn out a backlog of posts, or at least make progress on the various ideas I've had sitting around


I've been practicing this for a little bit, and it's definitely a “pick what you like, discard what you don't” type of deal

I've fallen behind as social media and the news cycle has distracted me so I'll need to get my to do lists and what not back in order!


I've still been running, especially during the lockdown period

Almost managed to do 2km continuous which was a pretty solid goal!

Probably more important than ever to keep it up B)