Reports to create

A list of reports that would be useful to have

  • Internal links that don’t have a trailing slash
  • External links (can be manually audited or run curl against using Github Actions)
    • Check for 302/404/500
    • Dump CSP headers to file and check that links appear in CSP header somehow
  • Pages with a malformed timestamp
  • Pages sorted by age
  • Add a parameters denoting frequency and list next page to be updated (ie now or about)
  • Basic regex to check what posts appear in robots.txt, rss.xml
  • Duplicates ie; layouts that are exactly the same
  • Generated filesizes (content + pagesizes)
  • Reviews to port over
    • Manually define list and check against non-existent files
  • Comparison of folder/ to distribution
  • Detection for smart quotes
  • Places where the word here contains a link (as that’s usually a rubbish way to do links)

Ideally, there’d be alerting on these pages too