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I don't identify as anxious blog/2023-04-11--i-dont-identify-as-anxious/
Miserable presentation tips blog/2023-01-29--miserable-presentation-tips/
Habit forming in the least efficient way possible blog/2023-01-17--inefficient-habit-forming/
So you have (or are) competition blog/2022-10-22--so-you-have-or-are-competition/
Sampling all the way down blog/2022-08-08--sampling-all-the-way-down/
Do demo iPads have a canonical owner? blog/2022-06-03--ipad-canonical-owner/
Using Fastmail with CalDAV libraries blog/2022-05-28--fastmail-caldav/
Plex + Tidal = A Nice Match blog/2022-02-12--plex-tidal-together/
I didn't want to be an astronaut as a kid blog/2022-01-22--not-being-an-astronaut/
Now now/
Brief thoughts on crypto blog/2021-11-28--some-brief-thoughts-on-crypto/
Day Two blog/2021-10-26--day-two/
Twitter, could you please fix your image servers? blog/2021-10-01--twitter-image-servers-2021/
Who is software even for? blog/2021-09-24--who-is-software-even-for/
Taking holidays is important blog/2021-08-29--taking-holidays/
Conditionally setting your gitconfig blog/2021-08-12--conditional-gitconfig/
Creating debug reports with Hugo inline shortcodes blog/2021-07-12--hugo-debug-reports/
Time Dilation blog/2021-07-04--time-dilation/
Let your streaks end naturally blog/2021-06-03--let-your-streaks-end-naturally/
Remind the user what your service does blog/2021-06-01--remind-the-user-what-your-service-does/
Ride the curve blog/2021-05-22--ride-the-curve/
Has Bootstrap eaten the world yet? blog/2021-05-14--bootstrap-is-eating-the-world/
You can always count on sales blog/2021-05-11--always-bet-on-sales/
Dropbox is way too clingy blog/2021-04-27--dropbox-is-way-too-clingy/
Starbucks Rewards or: Whether a Coffee Shop Can Be a Third Place blog/2021-04-18--starbucks-ecosystem/
We are all that person who reads a book while walking blog/2021-03-03--walking-while-reading/
Address book sorting blog/2021-02-21--address-book-sorting/
FAQ driven configuration blog/2021-02-17--faq-driven-configuration/
Emacs probably isn't right for me blog/2021-02-13--emacs-probably-isnt-right-for-me/
Google recently surfaced awful results for movies and tv blog/2021-02-13--a-recently-horrible-iteration-of-google-search/
Using a blog like a zettelkasten seems like a good idea blog/2021-02-11--zettelkasten-blog-a-good-idea/
Is anything happening behind the curtain? blog/2021-01-31--is-anything-happening-behind-the-curtain/
Latency as a forcing function blog/2021-01-29--latency-as-a-forcing-function/
Managing subscriptions with an extra debit card blog/2021-01-11--subscription-management/
Will we ever get solid systems? blog/2020-12-01--solid-systems/
Tidying up towing data with Pandas blog/2020-11-23--tidying-towing-data/
Configuration magic blog/2020-11-20--configuration-magic/
Fruit Plate blog/2020-11-02--fruit-plate/
Digital Spring Cleaning blog/2020-10-11--digital-spring-cleaning/
Relying on the internet as a business blog/2020-10-06--internet-reliance/
Day One blog/2020-08-30--day-one/
Quicksand blog/2020-07-01--quicksand/
Data hoarding seems like a large mental overhead blog/2020-05-12--mental-overhead-of-data/
Setting up Emacs inside of a WSL2 distribution blog/2020-05-06--emacs-wsl2-install/
Reducing my everyday carry during 2019 blog/2020-04-13--reducing-my-edc-2019/
My bookmarking categories in March 2020 blog/2020-03-08--bookmarking-march-2020/
You should publish your older works blog/2020-02-07--publish-old-works/
Dealing with multiple git hosts blog/2020-01-06--multiple-git-hosts/
Double checking if an email address exists blog/2019-09-26--email-lookup/
25 blog/2019-08-19--25/
Retrieving credentials from Jenkins blog/2019-07-29--retrieving-jenkins-credentials/
Fixing a WSL2 VHD conversion issue blog/2019-07-20--wsl2-vhd-issue/
What is the future of emergency services? blog/2019-03-20--future-of-emergency-services/
Recovering lost Python results in the REPL blog/2018-12-12--lost-python-results/
When automation goes horribly right blog/2018-12-03--automation-right/
A brief guide to OIAs in New Zealand blog/2018-08-18--nz-oia-guide/
Humans don't come with lore tabs blog/2018-02-28--lore-tabs/
Day Xero blog/2018-02-15--day-xero/
Installing Arch Linux on my Intel NUC blog/2017-12-24--arch-nuc-install/
Some thoughts about running a wiki blog/2017-12-18--wiki-thoughts/
Deepfakes blog/2017-02-05--deepfakes/
Gitaroo Man Lives! reviews/2016-05-02--gitaroo-man-lives/
Gravity Rush reviews/2016-04-12--gravity-rush/
Life is Strange reviews/2016-01-01--life-is-strange/
Hiatus reviews/2015-05-12--hiatus/
Lili: Child of Geos reviews/2015-05-04--lili-child-of-geos/
Tail Concerto reviews/2015-04-27--tail-concerto/
Grand Theft Auto V reviews/2015-04-18--grand-theft-auto-v/
Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: 3nd Impact reviews/2015-04-12--eva-3nd-impact/
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble reviews/2015-04-04--kenka-bancho/
Friends: The One with All the Trivia reviews/2015-04-01--friends-for-real/
Jumping Flash! reviews/2015-03-28--jumping-flash/
Picross reviews/2015-03-20--picross-3d/
Magrunner: Dark Pulse reviews/2015-03-13--magrunner-dark-pulse/
Liberation Maiden reviews/2015-03-08--liberation-maiden/
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger reviews/2015-02-22--call-of-juarez-gunslinger/
Fatal Frame reviews/2015-02-13--fatal-frame/
Time Hollow reviews/2015-02-08--time-hollow/
D reviews/2015-02-01--d/
Onimusha: Warlords reviews/2015-01-23--onimusha-warlords/
The Simpsons: Hit & Run reviews/2015-01-10--the-simpsons-hit-and-run/
Yakuza reviews/2015-01-03--yakuza/
P.N.03 reviews/2014-12-29--p-n-03/
Asura's Wrath reviews/2014-12-23--asuras-wrath/
Red Faction: Guerilla reviews/2014-10-22--red-faction-guerilla/
Killer Is Dead reviews/2014-10-13--killer-is-dead/
Wolfenstein: The New Order reviews/2014-10-12--wolfenstein-new-order/
The Stanley Parable reviews/2014-10-11--the-stanley-parable/
inFamous 2 reviews/2014-10-10--infamous-2/
inFamous reviews/2014-10-10--infamous/
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