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Content that is missing an explicit category

These are pieces of content that are missing an explicitly defined category.

It isn’t the end of the world since they’ll inherit a category from their parent folder, but it’s always nice to have consistency with post frontmatter.

Title Location Category
Now now/index.md /now
Posts I've written blog/_index.md /blog
Twitter, could you please fix your image servers? blog/2021-10-01--twitter-image-servers-2021/index.md /blog
Welcome! _index.md /home
Who is software even for? blog/2021-09-24--who-is-software-even-for/index.md /blog
Taking holidays is important blog/2021-08-29--taking-holidays/index.md /blog
Conditionally setting your gitconfig blog/2021-08-12--conditional-gitconfig/index.md /blog
Creating debug reports with Hugo inline shortcodes blog/2021-07-12--hugo-debug-reports/index.md /blog
Time Dilation blog/2021-07-04--time-dilation/index.md /blog
Let your streaks end naturally blog/2021-06-03--let-your-streaks-end-naturally/index.md /blog
Remind the user what your service does blog/2021-06-01--remind-the-user-what-your-service-does/index.md /blog
Ride the curve blog/2021-05-22--ride-the-curve/index.md /blog
Has Bootstrap eaten the world yet? blog/2021-05-14--bootstrap-is-eating-the-world/index.md /blog
You can always count on sales blog/2021-05-11--always-bet-on-sales/index.md /blog
Dropbox is way too clingy blog/2021-04-27--dropbox-is-way-too-clingy/index.md /blog
Starbucks Rewards or: Whether a Coffee Shop Can Be a Third Place blog/2021-04-18--starbucks-ecosystem/index.md /blog
We are all that person who reads a book while walking blog/2021-03-03--walking-while-reading/index.md /blog
Address book sorting blog/2021-02-21--address-book-sorting/index.md /blog
FAQ driven configuration blog/2021-02-17--faq-driven-configuration/index.md /blog
Emacs probably isn't right for me blog/2021-02-13--emacs-probably-isnt-right-for-me/index.md /blog
Google recently surfaced awful results for movies and tv blog/2021-02-13--a-recently-horrible-iteration-of-google-search/index.md /blog
Using a blog like a zettelkasten seems like a good idea blog/2021-02-11--zettelkasten-blog-a-good-idea/index.md /blog
Is anything happening behind the curtain? blog/2021-01-31--is-anything-happening-behind-the-curtain/index.md /blog
Latency as a forcing function blog/2021-01-29--latency-as-a-forcing-function/index.md /blog
Managing subscriptions with an extra debit card blog/2021-01-11--subscription-management/index.md /blog
Will we ever get solid systems? blog/2020-12-01--solid-systems/index.md /blog
Tidying up towing data with Pandas blog/2020-11-23--tidying-towing-data/index.md /blog
Configuration magic blog/2020-11-20--configuration-magic/index.md /blog
Fruit Plate blog/2020-11-02--fruit-plate/index.md /blog
Digital Spring Cleaning blog/2020-10-11--digital-spring-cleaning/index.md /blog
Relying on the internet as a business blog/2020-10-06--internet-reliance/index.md /blog
Day One blog/2020-08-30--day-one/index.md /blog
Quicksand blog/2020-07-01--quicksand/index.md /blog
Data hoarding seems like a large mental overhead blog/2020-05-12--mental-overhead-of-data/index.md /blog
Setting up Emacs inside of a WSL2 distribution blog/2020-05-06--emacs-wsl2-install/index.md /blog
Reducing my everyday carry during 2019 blog/2020-04-13--reducing-my-edc-2019/index.md /blog
My bookmarking categories in March 2020 blog/2020-03-08--bookmarking-march-2020/index.md /blog
You should publish your older works blog/2020-02-07--publish-old-works/index.md /blog
Dealing with multiple git hosts blog/2020-01-06--multiple-git-hosts/index.md /blog
Double checking if an email address exists blog/2019-09-26--email-lookup/index.md /blog
25 blog/2019-08-19--25/index.md /blog
Retrieving credentials from Jenkins blog/2019-07-29--retrieving-jenkins-credentials/index.md /blog
Fixing a WSL2 VHD conversion issue blog/2019-07-20--wsl2-vhd-issue/index.md /blog
What is the future of emergency services? blog/2019-03-20--future-of-emergency-services/index.md /blog
Recovering lost Python results in the REPL blog/2018-12-12--lost-python-results/index.md /blog
When automation goes horribly right blog/2018-12-03--automation-right/index.md /blog
A brief guide to OIAs in New Zealand blog/2018-08-18--nz-oia-guide/index.md /blog
Humans don't come with lore tabs blog/2018-02-28--lore-tabs/index.md /blog
Day Xero blog/2018-02-15--day-xero/index.md /blog
Installing Arch Linux on my Intel NUC blog/2017-12-24--arch-nuc-install/index.md /blog
Some thoughts about running a wiki blog/2017-12-18--wiki-thoughts/index.md /blog
Deepfakes blog/2017-02-05--deepfakes/index.md /blog
Gitaroo Man Lives! reviews/2016-05-02--gitaroo-man-lives/index.md /reviews
Reviews reviews/_index.md /reviews
Gravity Rush reviews/2016-04-12--gravity-rush/index.md /reviews
Life is Strange reviews/2016-01-01--life-is-strange/index.md /reviews
Hiatus reviews/2015-05-12--hiatus/index.md /reviews
Lili: Child of Geos reviews/2015-05-04--lili-child-of-geos/index.md /reviews
Tail Concerto reviews/2015-04-27--tail-concerto/index.md /reviews
Grand Theft Auto V reviews/2015-04-18--grand-theft-auto-v/index.md /reviews
Evangelion Shin Gekijoban: 3nd Impact reviews/2015-04-12--eva-3nd-impact/index.md /reviews
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble reviews/2015-04-04--kenka-bancho/index.md /reviews
Friends: The One with All the Trivia reviews/2015-04-01--friends-for-real/index.md /reviews
Jumping Flash! reviews/2015-03-28--jumping-flash/index.md /reviews
Picross reviews/2015-03-20--picross-3d/index.md /reviews
Magrunner: Dark Pulse reviews/2015-03-13--magrunner-dark-pulse/index.md /reviews
Liberation Maiden reviews/2015-03-08--liberation-maiden/index.md /reviews
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger reviews/2015-02-22--call-of-juarez-gunslinger/index.md /reviews
Fatal Frame reviews/2015-02-13--fatal-frame/index.md /reviews
Time Hollow reviews/2015-02-08--time-hollow/index.md /reviews
D reviews/2015-02-01--d/index.md /reviews
Onimusha: Warlords reviews/2015-01-23--onimusha-warlords/index.md /reviews
The Simpsons: Hit & Run reviews/2015-01-10--the-simpsons-hit-and-run/index.md /reviews
Yakuza reviews/2015-01-03--yakuza/index.md /reviews
P.N.03 reviews/2014-12-29--p-n-03/index.md /reviews
Asura's Wrath reviews/2014-12-23--asuras-wrath/index.md /reviews
Red Faction: Guerilla reviews/2014-10-22--red-faction-guerilla/index.md /reviews
Killer Is Dead reviews/2014-10-13--killer-is-dead/index.md /reviews
Wolfenstein: The New Order reviews/2014-10-12--wolfenstein-new-order/index.md /reviews
The Stanley Parable reviews/2014-10-11--the-stanley-parable/index.md /reviews
inFamous 2 reviews/2014-10-10--infamous-2/index.md /reviews
inFamous reviews/2014-10-10--infamous/index.md /reviews
About about/index.md /about
Are all Azure regions alike? questions/azure-regions-alike.md /questions
Books books/index.md /books
Build information debug/build-information.md /debug
Check whether file names match their defined slugs debug/file-url-match.md /debug
Content that contains aliases debug/aliased-content.md /debug
Content that is missing an explicit category debug/category-missing.md /debug
Content that is missing an explicit description debug/description-missing.md /debug
Content that is missing tags debug/tags-missing.md /debug
Experiments that might not see the light of day experiments/_index.md /experiments
Fancy hyperlinks experiments/fancy-hyperlinks/index.md /experiments
Growing big is often a liability thoughts/growing-big-is-often-a-liability.md /thoughts
How can I access my clipboard contents inside my terminal? questions/macos-clipboard-piping.md /questions
How can I compile Emacs from source? questions/emacs-compile-from-source.md /questions
How can I configure my printer via terminal on macOS? questions/macos-printer-cli/index.md /questions
How can I create an instance of a Kube cronjob? questions/kubes-create-cron-instance.md /questions
How can I determine if my code is inside of an iFrame? questions/js-detect-iframe-parent.md /questions
How can I disable the 'Try the new Safari' notification? questions/macos-disable-safari-recommendation.md /questions
How can I export a Postgres database? questions/postgres-export-db.md /questions
How can I find my current NODE_MODULE_VERSION? questions/nodejs-module-version.md /questions
How can I find out more about the hardware inside my Mac? questions/macos-view-hardware.md /questions
How can I find out where Emacs is checking for passwords? questions/emacs-auth-sources.md /questions
How can I find out why my Mac has restarted? questions/macos-check-shutdown-cause/index.md /questions
How can I get rid of the default application folders that ship with my Linux distro? questions/linux-disable-stock-folders.md /questions
How can I hide folders in my Home directory? questions/macos-hide-home-folders.md /questions
How can I import a dumped database into Postgres? questions/postgres-import-db.md /questions
How can I inspect a SAML request? questions/saml-inspect-request.md /questions
How can I listen for user changes to their colour scheme (ie dark mode)? questions/js-colour-scheme-listener.md /questions
How can I look up my current external IP address? questions/dns-lookup-current-ip.md /questions
How can I monitor JAMF downloads on macOS? questions/macos-monitor-jamf-downloads.md /questions
How can I pause a recurring Kube cronjob? questions/kubes-pause-recurring-cronjob.md /questions
How can I perform a regex search in Powershell? questions/powershell-regex.md /questions
How can I read a Kubernetes secret? questions/kubes-read-secret.md /questions
How can I remotely connect to a Selenium cluster questions/selenium-remote-connection.md /questions
How can I restrict which traffic is allowed to pass through a Kube ingress? questions/kubes-ingress-ip-range.md /questions
How can I run a Homebrew application being blocked by Gatekeeper? questions/macos-homebrew-app-blocked/index.md /questions
How can I see my route table? questions/macos-view-route-table.md /questions
How can I see what applications are making my shell commands slow? questions/macos-see-file-usage.md /questions
How can I set a default kubectl namespace for a given cluster? questions/kubes-default-namespace.md /questions
How can I test connectivity within my Kube namespace? questions/kubes-namespace-connectivity.md /questions
How can I try out x-callback-url commands on macOS? questions/macos-invoke-x-callback-url.md /questions
How can I use my local certificate store with Firefox? questions/firefox-local-cert-store.md /questions
How can I view configured networks in my macOS terminal? questions/macos-configured-networks.md /questions
How can I view help documentation for an Elixir module? questions/elixir-help-docs.md /questions
How can I view methods associated with an Elixir object? questions/elixir-object-methods.md /questions
How can I view the methods associated with an object? questions/powershell-object-methods.md /questions
How large is a single Prometheus sample? questions/prometheus-sample-size.md /questions
How was DNS originally implemented? questions/dns-original-implementation.md /questions
Less conventional tools for SRE blog/20xx--less-conventional-tools-for-sre/index.md /blog
Most ticketed parking spots in Parnell, Auckland projects/parnell/index.md /projects
My zsh config dotfiles/zshrc.md /dotfiles
netbox-plugin-azuread projects/netbox-plugin-azuread/index.md /projects
One possible death for Discord blog/20xx--one-possible-death-for-discord/index.md /blog
Parnell project-src/parnell/index.html /project-src
Privacy privacy/index.md /privacy
Projects projects/_index.md /projects
Questions questions/_index.md /questions
Reports that help me to debug utf9k debug/_index.md /debug
Reports to create debug/reports-todo.md /debug
Thanks thanks/index.md /thanks
Uses uses/index.md /uses
Using my bluetooth mic degrades my audio quality blog/20xx--bad-bluetooth-audio/index.md /blog
Videogames games/index.md /games
What is profiling? questions/monitoring-what-is-profiling.md /questions
What is the period you sometimes see at the end of a domain name? questions/dns-trailing-period.md /questions
What is tracing? questions/monitoring-tracing-overview.md /questions
What is using Port 5000 on macOS Monterey? questions/macos-port-5000-monterey/index.md /questions
What is worth instrumenting? questions/monitoring-what-to-instrument.md /questions
What non-encryption benefits are provided by HTTPS? questions/http-non-encryption-benefits.md /questions
Which files are the biggest? debug/file-sizes.md /debug
Why are dot files a thing? questions/linux-why-do-dotfiles-exist.md /questions
Why did oil futures go negative in April 2020? questions/finance-oil-futures-negative.md /questions
Why did sites split their assets across multiple domains back in the day? questions/http-domain-splits.md /questions
Why do Playstation 1 discs start at offset 37656? questions/ps1-disc-offset.md /questions
Why do some Emacs functions have double dashes? questions/emacs-function-double-dash.md /questions
Why do some Emacs lists start with a backtick instead of a comma? questions/emacs-list-backtick.md /questions
Why do some of my applications suddenly get muted on Linux? questions/linux-audio-muting-suddenly.md /questions
Yearly review of OIAs redacted or declined by the NZ government projects/meta-oia-requests/index.md /projects
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