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Sometimes it's handy to check when my site was last built, and with what variables especially if I'm transitioning things behind the scenes such as DNS records or static hosting.

Name Value
Build timestamp 2024-05-30T02:30:47.129Z
Total Blog posts 68
Total Projects 5
Total Reviews 29
Total Questions 72
Shell language C.UTF-8
CI Info (Github Actions)
  • CI: true
  • Github Action: __run_2
  • Github Actor: marcus-crane
  • Github Job: build
  • Github Ref: refs/heads/main
  • Github Run Attempt: 1
  • Github Run ID: 9296057907
  • Github Run Number: 25300
  • Github SHA: c102ba65644df505653a5ae0b570e0d5852df671
  • Runner Arch: X64
  • Runner OS: Linux