Content that contains aliases

These are pieces of content that contain alias entries eg; /questions used to live at /notes and a redirect is set up in the frontmatter for the category.

Sometimes these aliases may not map 1:1 to a piece of content, such as if a post was broken up into multiple, smaller posts.

Title URL Aliases
Using a blog like a zettelkasten seems like a good idea /blog/zettelkasten-blog-a-good-idea/ /blog/zettlekasten-blog-a-good-idea/
When automation goes horribly right /blog/automation-right/ /blog/when-automation-goes-horribly-right
Fancy hyperlinks /experiments/fancy-hyperlinks/ /playground/fancy-hyperlinks
Questions /questions/ /notes/
Why did oil futures go negative in April 2020? /questions/finance-oil-futures-negative/ /notes/oil-futures/
Why do Playstation 1 discs start at offset 37656? /questions/ps1-disc-offset/ /notes/ps1-disc-layout/