We are all that person who reads a book while walking

· Around 1 minute

There is a person who lives in my general area that I’ve spotted two or three times in the almost three years that I have lived at my flat.

He has a book open and reads it, while walking and for the most part, seemingly not paying any attention to where he is going.

It feels entirely ridiculous and comical so it’s definitely noticeable whenever I do spot him.

That behaviour is something I think I’ve seen before at school where you would have that one kid seemingly glued to a book.

How that knowledge is used is beyond me since they never seem to do much else besides reading but that’s besides the point.

As ridiculous as their actions seem, we’re effectively all that person now.

Anytime we get the urge to see what new chat message has arrived or whip out a device to flick through a music playlist.

It’s really just the same behaviour but without the persistence.

I probably never learned anything from quickly skimming my “Liked Songs” on Spotify while waiting for a traffic light though.