Time Dilation

· Around 2 minutes

A more accurate title would probably be something like “Time Inflation” but I think “Time Dilation” sounds cooler.

Whenever I’m planning a trip anywhere, often just across town, I tend to tack on an extra portion of time. Usually just 10 or 15 minutes as a bit of a buffer and depending on the mode of transport, it tends to get eaten up.

The trouble is that I don’t really go back and re-evaluate how long it takes to get places. The next time I plan a trip, I tack on an extra portion of time. Usually just 10 or 15 minutes and… hold on a minute, didn’t we already account for it?

I’m pretty sure there are some things that I just don’t even bother doing at all because I’ve built this big time sink out of it when in reality, it won’t take very long at all.

I remember taking the bus somewhere not that long ago and I was surprised that it only took a few minutes.

Well, yes, buses like most vehicles are quite fast on land but I guess my perception of time got a bit mangled somewhere along the track.

The irony of this of course, is that I waste large swathes of time checking the same five websites for updates, which I didn’t really class as procrastination until recently.

There’s not really a moral to the story or anything like that but re-evaluating what you think you know from time to time can never hurt.