Remind the user what your service does

· Around 1 minute

This goes out to anyone who does marketing for startups and businesses.

If you’re about to announce something like an update for those on a waitlist or a big bang version 2, please include a reminder of what your service actually is?

I can’t count the number of times I receive an email out of the blue saying “Smergen is nearly here!” only for me to scratch my head out of confusion.

A decent improvement is to just include screenshots (but not those vague “big tech art” things, real ones!)

The actual fix is just to include a one liner like “Smergen - the app that lets you map public toilets”.

To really drive it home, here’s a masterclass in retaining the user from nvUltra

An email snippet from nvUltra explaning how they have been infrequent with updates and then providing a detailed reminder on what nvUltra actually is, in simple english.

If you can’t take a few seconds to provide some context for what your announcement is about, I can’t get excited or even bring myself to care.