Fruit Plate

· Around 3 minutes

I ordered a fruit plate about 15 minutes ago.

$20 for a fruit plate and a chai latte is pretty egregious but I think I got a blog post out of it so perhaps it’s worth it.

Also, plate is a misnomer because it came in a box but that’s besides the point.

I had purchased an Apple Watch not so long ago based on the promise that “Hey, maybe I’ll leave my phone at home and be less logged on”.

Until just the other day, Spotify streaming via cellular wasn’t possible but it seems they expanded the reach of the Beta group and so now it is.

Given that was the last, and arguably most important feature I would want to truly ditch my phone, the “dream” is now a reality.

Of course, whether the dream has been realised is a different story, and I wouldn’t go so far as it call it a “false” promise because it’s really up to the user to follow through on it.

Anyway, none of that is neither here nor there.

I was sitting on what is effectively a picnic table, in so much as it was on concrete and I have no friends, and I got thinking about the promise of Getting Things Done™

While I generally feel like shit, I got to diagnosing it a bit more given I didn’t have a phone out to distract me. The link here is that I now just walk to the gym in the morning without it since I can stream Spotify. Thanks Sweden.

Anyway, I realised I haven’t done a weekly review in about 2 weeks. I took a break… and then I guess a second break. I’ve done plenty of weekly reviews so it’s not like they’re hard and often can be pretty handy.

The greater problem is that I seem to think I should be doing GTD. Well, actually the problem is really just one of productivity in general.

I’m often always productive at work, as is most everyone of course. Productive outside of work? Hmm, maybe not so much. Should I be? Well, no. It’s a cliche at this point to bring up the whole “Person thinks they have to be productive because hustle culture is a thing”.

I actually read a Gary Vaynerchuk book once when I was a teenager. I think he said caring about your customer is good or something.

Partly, I’m not sure that relaxing is something I know how to do. I’ve often joked about it but it’s kind of true. If I’m reading a book, it’s usually for the naive hope that I’ll take a bunch of notes and recycle it into something for my website. I’ll often watch movies and tv shows, sure. I can’t claim that going through a backlog is an extension of relaxing so much as it is completing a checklist though.

Perhaps to some extent, it’s just learning how to drop things. Not doing something I don’t really care about, and then remembering I didn’t do that thing, is still another block in the pile.

I guess this is part of where GTD or any other “productivity” system falls down is that perhaps it assumes you’re a reasonable person who gets up at a reasonable time.

I like to think such a thing wouldn’t exist if David Allen used Twitter or got distracted 9 times a day by an ocean of Slack notifications.

Anyway, I should eat my fruit box so I can have energy to go and contribute to the economy or whatever